December 7, 2019

Well, it is nearly the end of 2019, and are you like me?  I have been through many changes and personal development tweaks this year that I am beginning to feel ready…….but ready for what? More changes, more tweaks.  For sure if I need to, but I really do feel ready fo...

September 27, 2019

I have very recently discovered a patterning within me.  This pattern is one that I will always allow other people their space, their thoughts to be spoken first, to be gracious as oppose to saying ‘hang on, no I don’t agree because this is how I am feeling and this is...

I have been asked to write via the connections I am acquainted with.  They would like to convey their Thanks and Gratitude to all who are working relentlessly to attaining their development and consciously maintaining their centre.  It is very important now, to remain...

Yesterday, I took my husband for a treat to York.  A beautiful historic walled city that has drawn me back on many occasion over the years.  So you can very easily say that the treat was also definitely for me too.

We took the train for a change, a book to read and...

April 27, 2019

Very recently this script was channelled through to me. Initially I wrote from left to right and then was guided to placing the paper in a portrait positioning.  I was then asked to slowly hover over, from top to bottom with the middle finger on my left hand, which is...

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December 7, 2019

September 27, 2019

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About Haniel

Hear It From Me


About Me...


I  was originally inspired to create the concept of 'Haniel' many years go by Archangel Haniel herself.  This meeting was shortly followed by a journey.....a wonderful and very deep journey to find myself !!  During this time I was also guided to see how important it is to assist other Souls to do the same.  

Since then and for many years now, 

I  have been working alongside the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters for many years now,   who  have graciously brought through many Divine healing's and channelling's .

Using Mindfulness, CBT and Lifecoaching techniques alongside the gorgeous assistance of the higher beings and loved ones that occasionally pass through, I can assure that your sessions will be filled with blessings beyond anything perhaps yet encountered


Words from  Archangel Michael :

Listen carefully to your heart as this is your Divine Essence speaking, to you.  We are here if and whenever you need our guidance or assistance.

With much love and light.....'M' XXX

If you are drawn to this page, it is probably for a reason.  Please feel free to get in touch !!

Soul Whisperer ~Divine Channel

Namaste....Anne-Marie XXX

If you feel there are big changes happening for you, then this is your Soul finally taking command of your life and leading you to your true life purpose.  It is wonderful, please don't fight it or panic and if you need any help  please know that the Angels are always on hand to guide you through.

For those who are embarking on their transition...we offer  group workshops, one to one's, guided meditations and many other helpful things that we can share.  If you would like more information please feel free to get in touch...

With much peace and light


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Rossendale BB4, UK


07779 210216

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