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About Haniel

Hear It From Me

About me ....

I am a very spiritual person and work alongside many Angels, Archangels and other Higher Realm Beings.  I was initially drawn to Hypnotherapy for my own inner healing and 'long story short', I then felt the need to train so that I could move forward and help other ascending human beings :)

I am an intuitive in healing and channelling, and I, if necessary, blend this energy with mindfulness, CBT, life coaching, ho'oponopono and hypnotherapy.

The first session/meeting is usually the getting to know each other so that a level of trust can be found, and of course from here we can see what therapy is the most appropriate for you.  When asked how many sessions are needed, sometimes it is just the one but as a guide it probably needs to be two.  The decision is then yours as to how and when you would like to move forward.  It may well be that you dip in from time to time, as quite a lot of my clients do this, they call it a 'top up' session, which is really cool.

So you could call and have a coffee and a chat first and see how you feel, or if you know you are ready, let's get going !!

With much love and peace...



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Rossendale BB4, UK



07779 210216


Rossendale BB4, UK


07779 210216

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