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My learning of Abundance ...

My learning of Abundance

I have recently been reminded of one of the portal symbols, which had previously been channelled through via one of my classes. This is the Abundance symbol :

Via meditation, this symbol will show itself to you and via the intention to open, it will move to the correct opening position, and from here the journey begins.

At first I did wonder if the big lotto win, would finally prevail, but thankfully no!! I am approximately three weeks into this learning experience and so far I can say that on using this symbol I have been able to recognise the truest form of me. In doing this or perhaps should I say allowing this. I have been able to sing with the light beings and still do, daily. My frequency has changed and is now best described as feeling lighter. A certain density is no longer apparent. I can see more detail in everything and this provides me with a genuine feeling of euphoria.

At each of these moments, or as I now see them gifts, I acknowledge a true recognition and sensation of what I now know to be real Abundance.

Perhaps something like winning the lottery would be great for a while. Perhaps the sensation of this physical euphoria would again be short lived. I don’t doubt it would create a freedom of sorts, but if you are not centred and self -loving, then the same mental/prison walls would quite probably return.

My learning so far is that accessing the real, authentic you, one that constantly feels love and gives love, where a bird can be heard and appreciated, where you feel the genuine need to say thank you at the end of each day, for what you have willingly connected with, and respectfully not. For what you do have, for how you feel inside, for your health and for your natural connection to Source and the Universe. To now see life in motion and to be able to observe in the most part, as opposed to being involved, to have your own natural inner sacred space.

This is my experience of Abundance.

Please feel free to use this symbol. My advice is to meditate with it daily and allow the Cosmos to connect with ‘you’, the real ‘you’ and take everything from there. Just for the record I have not requested the portal to close, why would I when there is so much love pouring through.

Thank you for reading.

Anne-Marie XXX