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What now Mrs. Universe ...

I am currently noticing how differently I now feel, my energy is lighter and my whole being is now pretty much detached from being a part of 3D life.

I love to observe and recognise a frequency of truth and love, but nothing else. To be completely honest I am currently struggling with anything that attempts to connect with me from a 3D perspective or that isn’t completely in the light of truth. This can be at times quite uncomfortable for me, but I am hopeful there will be a ‘way’ forward as regards this soon, or perhaps a learning to recognise that will then release this disconnection to a much higher frequency and way of being.

I can’t help but see how the world is changing, how we are now moving from a ‘material’ way, to a more enlightened way. Closer to home I can hear people commenting how they are looking for a new career, starting to meditate for the first time, going vegetarian or even more so, vegan. There is undoubtedly ‘something’ happening, some strong and very positive vibe is undeniably now here. On the outside, as I call it, I can see how the material world is in turmoil. No one seems to know which way to turn. I genuinely believe that this is great and that we are, as a whole, on the right path to an enlightened freedom. I don’t need to have any part in this development, only to observe, and watch whilst fully admiring how a plan perhaps, is now beginning to take control of the steering wheel.

I strongly believe the younger generation are waiting to jump in and take hold of said steering wheel and actually show us how it is all done, how we can truly keep things simple, in love, how it is absolutely ok to be different and if you don’t want to conform…don’t…BE YOU. I think most would agree that the previous two years have been very definitive to say the least. I know I am certainly still having a much deserved ‘wow’ moment. Right now I can’t help but ask what now….what now Mrs Universe. I feel so different to the old version of me, and I am so grateful, I really am, so what now.

As ever…thank you for reading J

Much love !!!

Anne-Marie xxx