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An unlocking from the heart ...

Very recently this script was channelled through to me. Initially I wrote from left to right and then was guided to placing the paper in a portrait positioning. I was then asked to slowly hover over, from top to bottom with the middle finger on my left hand, which is my non-writing hand.

I could feel a frequency begin to resonate instantly within. It felt as though this writing was perhaps a key code. What began to happen was the energy around the solar plexus moved upwards to the heart, and a natural block was placed so that essentially I now frequent energy from the heart chakra upwards, I don’t operate at all now with or via the plexus. The frequencies I resonate on now are definitively higher to the point I feel quite dimensional. This unlocking (or locking maybe) has steered me away from lower vibrational frequencies. I feel so much lighter and healthier. My thoughts do not travel unnecessarily and I feel more connected than ever before.

If you are drawn to this and I suppose ready to make a change, I would recommend that you do this in a meditative state and in a quiet place so that you can feel and reflect on the changes.

With all my love,