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I hope love will always be …

Yesterday, I took my husband for a treat to York. A beautiful historic walled city that has drawn me back on many occasion over the years. So you can very easily say that the treat was also definitely for me too.

We took the train for a change, a book to read and music to listen to, just in case. It was wonderful, we both commented on how the scenery was different and how lovely it is to fold your arms and gaze out of the window and in just under two hours we landed. No bother of where to park and a ten minute walk to the hotel, which was brilliant by the way and as we say in good old Lancashire…’job done’.

This week for me personally I have been guided to commence operating from the Heart Chakra upwards, as oppose to aligning from the solar plexus initially and there is such a difference. Unbelievable in fact that such a simple tweak can make a huge difference to how I feel, think and so on. This new way has given me the chance to observe other human beings, and none more so whilst we were back on the train yesterday evening to come home.

Whilst I have read about this previously I can honestly say that I haven’t actually seen it for myself. Every single person was on their mobile phones. No one was talking or even having so much as polite passing of conversation…nothing ! I smile at people it may be something I nervously do, I’m not completely sure, but I know I smile, sometimes before I have even realised. This I observed yesterday, brought a feeling of unease in two people, who both looked back at me in a state of panic, I think, but it seemed to be an uneasy moment for them. Coincidentally I am reading a book called ‘Who is the Prisoner by an author named Ben Okri, which is beginning to describe being a prisoner in your own self. Glancing back out of the train window I then began to think about the oncoming A I and perhaps how we are moving steadily towards this, and I’m not sure how I feel about something that has no emotion, no Soul. Part of our journey yesterday in truth had just this, no Soul. My leaving concern in this genuinely concerned and slightly short blog is this, where will Love actually be as we move forward.