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Communications from the Council of Light

I have been asked to write via the connections I am acquainted with. They would like to convey their Thanks and Gratitude to all who are working relentlessly to attaining their development and consciously maintaining their centre. It is very important now, to remain detached, observe and silently assist where necessary.

“Greetings to you all, this communication will hopefully be the first of many. We aim through this channel, to guide and mentor without judgement. Our intention is to create a trust. A trust that you will not only know is valid, but will equally resonate completely with you. This validation will also assist in the re-aligning of your frequency to help with your journey and to assist in the aligning of the new gridding system of Gaia. Our ultimate goal is to re-align Mother Earth to her new positioning within the Universe and the dimensional system. All we ask is that you trust we are here to do the rest!

Each and every one of you has persevered through some unbelievable transformations. The change to your frequency levels and vibrations has greatly assisted; we see also that you too are benefiting from these incredible changes. We are so truly happy and relieved for you all at this time.

Spring is here and so is a much needed time for change. We know this is being called an Awakening, but in truth this word does not quite cover the entirety of what is happening within the existence as a whole, it is also universal and dimensional. We have no intention to unfold further with this information just yet as it will be too deep and unnecessary for you to understand at this stage.

Some of you will now be experiencing energy moving spontaneously out of your physical via the heart centre, and whilst healing you may feel the need to ‘hum’ quietly and internally in order to necessitate the correct frequency that you can feel being channelled through. This is correct, please trust and allow this action to take place. Your guides are instructed, if you will, to work with you in this way so that you are also aligning the clients physical body to the changes in frequency levels which are taking place at this moment in time.

We will stop for now. The love of Source is felt and seen all around, meditate on this and we will endeavour to continue soon.”

Namaste –

The Council of Light