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Ready for '2020'...

Well, it is nearly the end of 2019, and are you like me? I have been through many changes and personal development tweaks this year that I am beginning to feel ready…….but ready for what? More changes, more tweaks. For sure if I need to, but I really do feel ready for the next step, and to be fair, I can sense that it is coming and that it is going to be a big one.

Earlier this year I was invited to be a member of the Council of Light (COL), which I accepted with both hands and now I am through the initiation, if you will, I feel so different. To try and describe would be to say lighter, centred, able to deal with important matters from the heart and not from the ego, which visits every now and again but in the main has pretty much gone, or should I say entered a state of higher being and has separated from me for the most part anyway. I no longer need to be a part of any one’s life, only my own, but definitely respect others and their journeys, and where I can assist I will, this said most of the time I find myself staying quiet, it is their journey after all, I know I have had mine. Do I feel alone….no, no I don’t. I feel to have been acquitted of what was a hard life, and now although everything may appear to be the same, it really isn’t, not for me any way. I observe most of the time, if I don’t feel it appropriate to engage, I don’t, and it is so wonderful to just be able to walk away in one piece, or as a whole.

Healing comes to mind and just how much this has changed. I have received codes from the COL and these are super powerful, again to try and describe they seem to be of a higher frequency to what perhaps Reiki is.

I have been shown that whilst it would be easy to heal immediately that we must not ignore how many layers down we have gone to become ill, so therefore we must repair each layer to heal the cause properly which will then align the frequency correctly.

I feel I need to give you a back drop to me. I am married, I have one son and two step children, and quite a high demanding job in estate agency…..So, all of this ‘spiritual stuff’ is pure passion for me. I do work with clients during my spare time. I think it is good to have a balance in life it stops everything from becoming a bit hum drum.


“We advise to stop the old habits and pathways as soon as you can. The enlightening year is almost upon us. For the observers amongst you, there will be more of an evident divide between the materialistic and the enlightened, and this will continue for some time. We advise to continue not getting involved in the current earthly matters and to remain heart-centred within your own world.”

Back to me :

May you have a wonderful Xmas and a loving New Year, and arms wide open for the year 2020.

With so much love,

Anne-Marie XXX