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I am scared ...

Very recently I have been feeling anxious about where everything is heading. Firstly about myself, I have always been loyal to my employers and right now I can honestly say I am quickly becoming more and more loyal to me, and my family. Secondly to our beautiful Earth. It is in moments such as these, that I will sit and meditate, and ask the Universe and the Higher Beings what is this all about. I don’t feel depressed or worried but disappointment I guess.

Here is the answer I got :

Blend your energy with ours …

“It is shocking what Truths are beginning to unfold and we too are in dismay. This said and please be very aware this is a part of a very large process that does need to take place. If you allow yourselves to stand back and observe you too will begin to see clearly that through love, there is a great deal of clearing and cleansing. This does have to take place in order for the next phase to enter in, and it will do please trust in this.

Is there anything I can do that will help?

Eat well i.e. no meat, mainly plant based. Animals were not placed on the Earth to be eaten !!

Continue to meditate daily and focus on actions and activities that will help you to raise your own frequency. You will know when this is beginning to take effect, when you no longer feel attached but feel knowingly and lovingly detached. Even now it is wise to not become involved in any low energy issues as believe it or not, you are adding to this low energy field. You may say a prayer of love to any low energy issues and then move on. This way you are adding the right energy.

We understand your worries and frustrations but please do as we advise and leave the rest to ourselves, my friend.

As ever I truly hope this assists in your own Journey.

With much light and peace,

Anne-Marie XXX