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Mindfulness in 5D

There is of course a journey to be had before this dimension of light greets and welcomes you in. There are many emotions and memories that re-surface and quite rightly so. It is a miracle none the less that these sequential happenings take place and the sub-conscious begins preparing us for the sometimes rocky road ahead. If you are right at this stage now, please don’t worry or more importantly please do not give in. I am talking to you now from the fifth dimension and boy it is the best place ever, spiritually, physically and mentally and for those who do know me you will also know that I don’t say this lightly, it is phenomenal. Let us begin :

It isn’t a coincidence that Gaia is also stripping away her unwanted layers at the same time as ‘we’ are, there is an unstoppable process happening right now and it has been silently surging ahead for many years. I think it is fair to say also that if you are on this journey as well there is no way you want or are able now to turn back it just cannot happen, I know this because a few months ago I tried but it just cannot be. The way forward to the light is the only way. I am sure there are many other ways of phrasing this but this will have to do for now.

My experience has been that the sub-conscious brought to the surface old memories, experiences and old friendships so that I could grab the opportunity to deal with these and then they have been released which has ultimately helped me feel better obviously, but lighter and I have more mental space now. This is how I became to understand hypnosis and ho’oponopono . In self-hypnosis what has been repressed is released and the healing method of ho’oponopono sends the memory back to Source as I don’t need it any more I can be at my zero point, which is brilliant!! I have to say that when the memory is released, it is just like saying goodbye to an old friend, but there is no sadness because you know it is time, time for that memory to go and time for your Soul’s journey to move onwards and upwards. It is seriously groovy, trust me !

Everyone will have their own individual experiences and naturally so. We all came to the 3D earth to have this time to shed our old karmic conditions to have our dark night of the soul moments. All of this we agreed to, to help the Soul’s journey at this important time of ascension.

Back to every day life. There will be moments when you no longer feel a need to express yourself in an old familiar way, you will definitely let go of friends or acquaintances that just don’t connect with you any more, as their energy doesn’t align with yours. This experience is called Detachment and is very necessary within this whole process as is being in the TRUTH. Your way of being is centred, you have no desire to be a people pleaser, you will have a respect for sure but a huge recognition that they have their journey as you now have yours!

Practising mindfulness is one of the keys to getting you through. It keeps your focus strong, very true and centred. There are times when you wonder ‘WTF’ (Sorry I couldn’t find a truer way of expressing this) but remember these are key points to check in with yourself mindfully, so don’t panic, use this ‘confusing and anxious time’ to step back, go inwards, press that re-set button and then move on in your beautiful knowledge that you have got this sorted 100%.

I have got over my own barriers now so I will continue to post what I feel to be helpful points and if you need a quick chat please get in touch it would be an honour.